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"Siragusa makes the delicate transformation from a flighty, infatuated young Desdemona, giddy with love, adventure, and daughterly defiance into a woman mystified, saddened, and eventually despondent at her husband’s jealous rage." ~48 Hills


With L. Peter Callendar in Othello at African-American Shakespeare Company. Photo by Joseph Giammarco.

Dog Sees God

" Madison Worthington and Isabel Siragusa are hilarious as Marcy and Tricia." ~Talkin' Broadway

Best Play of 2017 - V Media Backstage

With the cast of Dog Sees God at Left Coast Theatre Company. 

Wild Boy

"The remainder of the up to seven roles each, and the surprising fact is that they are nearly all spot-on. Siragusa, in particular, seems able to switch effortlessly from caring social worker to England’s Princess Caroline without smearing her mascara." ~ Mercury News

"Among her half-dozen roles, Isabel Siragusa particularly shines as Caroline, wife of George II...bringing a fiery willingness and daring that permeates her countenance and voice as she stands up to the King. In contrast is Ms. Siragusa's soft, heart-felt demeanor and generosity of spirit when around Peter himself.." ~ Talkin' Broadway


As Princess Caroline in the Wild Boy by Oliver Goldstick at Dragon Theatre Productions. Photo by Kimberlee Wittlieb.


San Diego ComiCon International Film Festival with The Ark.

Wild Boy.jpeg
Good Day Sacramento.jpeg

Good Day Sacramento with Capps Crossing. 

San Diego ComiCon International Film Festival with The Ark.

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